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Adult Dog Annual Visit (Age 1-7 years)

**All services are recommended at an annual visit but can be split up to save on cost**

Annual Comprehensive Examination
A comprehensive physical examination will be completed by one of our knowledgeable doctors.  They will examine your pet from nose to tail, including their eyes, ears, mouth, lungs, heart, joints and muscles.

Annual Wellness Screen
A wellness blood screen can be started and, in most cases, completed during your pet's visit.  This screen serves as an "internal" exam and in combination with the physical exam can give us a more complete look at your pet's overall health.

Annual Heartworm Screen
The American Heartworm Society recommends completing an annual heartworm screen for your dog, even if they are current on their heartworm prevention.  A small blood sample is collected and the test is completed before the end of your visit.
All dogs should be on monthly Heartworm and Flea prevention**

Annual Intestinal Parasite Screen
The Companion Animal Parasite Council recommends testing your pet annually for intestinal parasites.  A small stool sample is collected during the visit or provided by the owner and sent into the lab for analysis.  Most results are returned the next day.

Rabies Vaccination
Our doctors recommend an annual rabies immunization for most patients.  Talk to the doctor at your visit if you would like more information about going to a 3 year rabies vaccination schedule.

DA2PP-L Vaccination
Our doctors recommend this combination booster annually.  It protects against Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Parvo, Parainfluenza, and Leptospirosis.

**Additional Vaccinations if necessary**

Bordetella Vaccine
Recommended for patients that visit boarding facilities or go to the groomer.  This vaccine is required for most boarding facilities, including our own.

Influenza Vaccine
Recommended for patients that visit boarding facilities or go to the groomer.

Rattlesnake Vaccine
Recommended for patients that have exposure to rattlesnakes at their home.  Also recommended for hunting dogs as well as those that spend significant time outdoors.